The World Is Not Enough (1999) (PG-13)

The Bond franchise is no longer fun, that has long since been sucked from the series by terrible performances and stupid plot ideas. For instance, in the case of "The World Is Not Enough" I would like to know the collective pool of screenwriters that thought this film was actually a good idea, because I can't see how it even looks good on paper.
With Roger Moore we suffered a long stretch of impossibly dumb movies, yet they were still enjoyable...enjoyably dumb—which is what the series was shooting for. When John Glen took the reigns of the series, we got a newfound energy; but once he left, we've been struggling with one-time directors and Pierce Brosnan.
The Brosnan Bond films seem determined to recapture the silly fun of the Sean Connery films; but it fails to do so. The entire tone of the film is split it two. One half is the stupid, fun one-liners and corny names (such as a busty scientist, a possible lesbian as the film implies, named Dr. Christmas Jones) and the other half is so serious and so determined to make a thriller that the end result of the film feels like a parody of the series more than anything else.
The only interesting thing we are left with from this movie is that the woman who plays Moneypenny is named Samantha Bond...what are the odds?
"The World Is Not Enough" begins with failure. Bond completes a mission before realizing that the villain's intention was for him to succeed. In a moment an explosion rockets through the MI6 building and the resulting chaos is left for M and Bond to sort through.
A rouge man who is dying from a bullet in his head that is slowly making its way deeper and deeper into his brain, has decided that he shall rule the world. The motives for the villain are unclear and gradually become obvious during the film. This thorn in his flesh, the bullet in his head, is making him into a super human...great, one of those again. By destroying vital parts of the man's grey matter, the deadly, slow moving death capsule has annihilated the man's sense of touch and pain.
So Bond is sent to protect a woman who seems determined to open up the West to great oil deals.
The opening titles give us female silhouettes that are formed from oil. We get the idea just from the first ten minutes that a great deal of the film is about oil; but that's where we're wrong. Oil is only a small part of the puzzle, an unnecessary sidetrack that does nothing but enrage us at the length of the film.
Bond's quest makes him the object of desires of this Elektra King, oil tycoon. But he rejects her advances because he thinks that she is in danger from this rogue super human dude.
Several problems: Bond seems weary but his sex appeal is even stronger than ever. He sleeps with his doctor so she'll give him a clean bill of health. Then there's the super human ability to this random guy which we never really see. He seems just as weary as Bond is.
Then there's the acting. Brosnan just isn't a good Bond...he lacks the humor of Roger Moore, the emotion of George Lazenby, the pep of Sean Connery, and the tenaciousness of Timothy Dalton. In every sense, he is the weakest of the franchise. But it's nice for him that these films surround him with an unprecedented cast in bad acting.
"The World Is Not Enough" can make even a talented actor like Robbie Coltrane seem like a plank of wood. Then again, everyone looks good standing next to Denise Richards (metaphorically, of course).
Her acting is so bad that many polls list her role as Dr. Christmas Jones as one of the worst cast roles in film history...that's pretty bad.
Still, the explosions are fun as always. The series has started to become digitalized, which means that the natural scares from the previous films are not present.
"The World Is Not Enough" is an good title, because the world is not enough to save this film from sheer meh-ness.

Score: ★★

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