January Belongs to James Bond

So I have a problem with buying a lot of stuff...I mean a lot of stuff. I you hadn't noticed, I really like movies so most of the "stuff" that I buy is movie related. Most recently I bought the complete James Bond collection and it has sat on my shelf ever since...watching me, knowing that one day I'll unwrap it (yes it still is in the shrink-wrap...I have a problem).

I have decided to pacify this angry James Bond collection (yes, it has feelings) by watching all the Bond movies in one month...January. I'll still be watching other movies, but I won't be posting those reviews until next month.

I think there should be more clarifying...I have only seen one Bond movie, "Skyfall". I have heard all the strained, gasps as reactions. True, it may be horrifying; but there you have it.

I hope to remedy this problem within thirty days...and by "problem" I mean "having only seen one Bond movie" and not "wow, I buy a lot of crap online"....I think I'll continue to buy....Oh! Look! It's The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes by Joshua M. Bernstein (Look it up, it's a real thing!).

And now my favorite four words: add to shopping cart.

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