A Bond-tastic January

This January has been interesting, Bond-ly interesting. I've seen so much 007 that I could be happy never seeing him again...harsh, but true. There have been good moments and bad moments, but most of it has been a lot of fun. I'll leave you with some thoughts on the series as a whole:

Official Bond Films:
Dr. No
From Russia with Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
Live and Let Die
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
A View to a Kill
The Living Daylights
Licence to Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Casino Royale (2006)
Quantum of Solace

Unofficial Bond Films:
Casino Royale (1967)
Never Say Never Again

Bond Actors from Best to Worst:

Timothy Dalton — Yes, the man who was Bond only twice. Dalton's performances are full of heart and emotion. He's by far the most accomplished actor of the lot.

Sean Connery — You have to get give credit where credit's due. This man started it all. He can give a one-liner like no one else (my personal favorite line from the entire series comes from him).

George Lazenby — The one-timer. Perhaps the most unappreciated Bond of all of them.

Daniel Craig — The only actor that you can believe doing the stunts that 007 does. He brings the physicality to the series...also the severity that some hate. Still, I'm a fan.

Roger Moore — Whether it's the comic indifference or that freakin' eyebrow, Moore can get old fast. Too bad he's the reigning Bond champion.

Pierce Brosnan — The loser of losers. Brosnan isn't convincing and his films aren't that fun. By far, he is the lowest of the Bond actors.

Best Bond Foes:
Javier Bardem as Silva from "Skyfall"

Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez from "Licence to Kill

Jonathan Pryce as Elliot Carver in "Tomorrow Never Dies"

Top 10 Bond Films:

10. "For Your Eyes Only" — Roger Moore's redeeming grace. Let's all thank John Glen for this one.

9. "Dr. No" — The original Bond film.

8. "From Russia with Love" — Robert Shaw, Sean Connery, trains, planes, and automobiles. What's not to love?

7. 'The Living Daylights" — The first few minutes of the film speak for itself.

6. "Casino Royale (2006)" — Lots of fun, lots of poker, lots of weird.

5. "Quantum of Solace" — What? You heretic, burn at the stake! Whatever, I liked this movie...I liked it a lot.

4. ""On Her Majesty's Secret Service" — Well ahead of its time, it remains the darkest Bond film yet, this film is a pleasant surprise.

3. "Thunderball" — Wow! The underwater sequences are fantastic, the action is great, and Connery has never been in better form.

2. "Licence to Kill" — Dalton again and this time with a revenge piece. Ferocious and wickedly entertaining.

1. "Skyfall" — It could be because this was the first Bond film that I'd seen; but I don't think that's the real reason. "Skyfall" contains the best performances, the best song, the best music, the best villain...it's simply the best.

Last Thoughts:
Whether you're a fan or not, you have to admit that the Bond franchise is an anomaly in the film world. It's the longest running series and most of it is incredibly fun. Let's all be thankful for these movies, if only so we know how to introduce ourselves and order our drinks.

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