The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)

A movie for kids that was a labor of love. "The Adventures of Milo and Otis" was a Japanese film that took four years to film and even longer to become westernized. It was revamped, re-edited, and re-narrated before it was released all western audiences.
Punctuated with a classical soundtrack, the film follows to doings of two young animals—a cat and a dog, named Milo and Otis.
At the movie's opening, Milo, the cat and the more adventurous of the two, gets into all sorts of trouble. He steps on the chickens, falls into the river, picks on baby birds, annoys a crab, and forgets to baby-sit an egg. Otis has to clean up all his messes.
Then one day, while the two are out seeking thrills, Milo falls into a wooden box on the river and drifts far, far away. In an effort to save him, Otis runs after the box and becomes lost in the woods.
The rest of the movie is the loss of innocence for the two young characters and their following adventures. They encounter owls, deer, bears, foxes, and turtles.
In the western version, Dudley Moore narrates—he is the perfect choice for narrator and brings a friendly humor to the movie.
As much as the movie is made for kids, it is equally entertaining for adults. For just watching cats and dogs walk around for an hour plus, the film has a very narrative plot, one that rarely side-tracks.
It's not a perfect movie...that much seems obvious. The movie delves into dreams, fractured realities, and odd concepts as seen through the eyes of young children.
This movie must have been such a pain to film.
Post-release, many allegations were made against the movie because people thought the film was cruel to animals. But those rumors have died away, it seems that if there was animal cruelty involved, it wasn't "cruel" enough to make the film become banned—not saying that that makes it right.
Anyway, the film is cute...I think I've seen it probably fifty times since my children (I'm not sure if this is exaggeration).
The meaning does change when you get older.
Nostalgia runs deep in the movie.
I'm not quite sure how enjoyable the movie would be if no one had seen it before. But I'd seen it before, so I like it.
It's probably a movie that time will forget, but I'll always remember.

Score: 3 out of 4 stars

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