L'Age d'Or (1930)

Luis Buñuel certainly knows how to make an irritating movie. As with some of his other films, "L'Age d'Or" is a surrealist work with recurring images and themes. Though by description it may sound like two lovers striving to consummate their love and being foiled by their own foolishness and forces beyond control, the film is actually about scorpions, sacrilege, and a load of other nonsense.
The film has no taste, and by that I mean that it doesn't like to explain anything to its viewer. We are dropped into the film with a lecture about scorpions. They are feisty little creatures of the arachnid family and they have a segmented tail ending with a poisonous stinger. They will fight among each other and can even kill a rat.
Shift to a new world type setting, fended off by native (perhaps) inhabitants who apparently all suffer from narcolepsy. There is some dog kicking and some attempted intercourse, then it's a quick jump over to rome where the same man and woman appear.
She has a cow in her bed and he's a political figure of some kind...don't worry he'll kick that blind guy and someone will shoot a child.
This movie makes no sense...even if it did, I wouldn't care.
With Kubrick and Bergman, I feel like I'm missing something that I wouldn't mind knowing. If it made some of their pictures more enjoyable or even intelligent—sure, go ahead, tell me the secret. But with Buñuel, I couldn't care less about his surrealism. So what if there's some deep meaning between the odd choice of visuals.
"L'Age d'Or" holds no interest for me, it's impossibly boring and devastatingly pretentious...sort of like this review (ah, self-depreicating humor...wonderful, isn't it?)
There is obvious sexual overtones to the film...who cares? It's about a Christ figure...who cares?
I know it sounds jaded and I should probably keep an open mind, but Buñuel has yet to actually impress me. "L'Age d'Or" is just one shot away from being a mistake in the editing room.
I can't emphasize how much I don't get this film.
Instead of really bad films that make me angry, I feel completely apathetic towards Buñuel's film...is that better? It's just a bland piece of nothing, waiting for a strong wind to blow it away.

Score: 1 out of 4 stars

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