Zombieland (2009) (R)

When Earth becomes overrun by zombies and there are virtually no humans left, a teenage boy tries to make his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his family is still alive.
The zombie strain is a mutation of mad cow disease that makes you feverish and hungry for human flesh. This boy has survived because of a list of roughly 35 rules. These rules include things like working on cardio and never using a public bathroom and limbering up before doing anything potentially hazardous.
As this boy heads out to Columbus he meets a very interesting man. This twinkie crazed individual seems to relish in zombie killing and he's really good at it. When the boy starts to introduce himself the man stops him and tells him that they shouldn't use names because they won't know if one of them will get turned into a zombie and have to die. This man goes by 'Tallahassee' and pronounces that the boy should be called Columbus. They set off together to go some place, not exactly sure where they should go.
A few miles down the road they stop at a grocery store so Tallahassee can see if there are any twinkies and they meet two girls, Wichita and Little Rock—sisters. Little Rock, the younger of the sisters, has been bitten by a zombie and the group decides, including Little Rock, that she should be killed before she turns into a mind munching baddie. So Wichita goes to shoot her sister and then points the gun at Tallahassee and Columbus...oops.
The girls con the men and steal their guns and their car and head out on their way to an amusement park that supposedly is zombie free.
This leaves our two main men without a car in the middle of a zombie infested planet with no where to go and no home.
I usually don't get into the whole zombie craze although it's becoming more and more popular as time is passing. I wasn't too keen on seeing this movie in the first place but I had heard a lot of good things about it from my friends so I decided to give it a try, and hey—I enjoyed it quite a lot.
The first movie that pops into your mind as you're watching "Zombieland" is "Pulp Fiction" because of some of the techniques and gags that they pull.
Jesse Eisenberg plays Columbus and I don't know who else could have filled this role like he does. It's great casting. He's nervous and apprehensive but also wants to be the macho man without having to risk his life.
Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin play the two girls and they're good in this movie but a little overshadowed by the two men.
Although Columbus has many of the jokes and he's probably the most likable character in the movie, the spotlight is completely stolen by Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. He's brilliantly violent and always has some odd one-liner to throw into the conversation. Is he childish or is he just crazy? Who knows?
I went into "Zombieland" hoping for something that would just entertain and I got more than that. I was surprised by how much I liked all of the characters and how much I actually cared about them.
It's bloody and hilarious and just loads of good fun.

Score: 3 and a half stars out of 4

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