Rust and Bone (2012) (R)

Finally! I've been wanting to see "Rust and Bone" for many months. Regrettably, it's a foreign film and those take long enough to get to America so I was pretty excited that I got this movie today.
What's unfortunate about this situation is that "Rust and Bone" was not as good as its trailer was.
The film opens when Alain "Ali" (is it just me or is that heavily ironic and unoriginal because he's a boxer) hitchhikes his way to a new city with his kid to live with his sister. She's a cashier and money is tight. Once they get Ali's kid, Sam, in school; Ali tries to find a job. He gets a job as a bouncer at a night club where he meets Stephanie. She's been in a fight, for what reason we are not told, and she's drunk and completely out of her own head. He takes her home in his car and then invites himself in to get some ice for his hand. This is the man that beats the crap out of other people for a living and he needs ice for this little wound but when his teeth are knocked out he just looks slightly upset. Also on this ride home, Stephanie's cuts and bruises have magically disappeared.
It's a very forced and unbelievable meeting between the two that you instantly know are going to end up together by some strange circumstances.
And they are odd situations that place our two protagonists together.
Stephanie is an orca trainer at a water adventure land. When a freak accident leads her to loose her legs she reaches out to the only person who will talk to her, Ali. But when he shows up to her house she seems distant and depressed, well, that's explainable since she's just lost her legs.
And that's basically all that happens.
Until the ending, that is.
Watching "Rust and Bone" is like reading one very long sentence. It may be an attractive sentence and one that you enjoyed reading; but there's no diversity or plot. It just goes nowhere. Where was the conflict and resolution?
You would think with three screenwriters they could have come up with a better plot and a better ending. Although I enjoyed the closing sequence of the movie I was perplexed for why it was even in the movie. The last act of "Rust and Bone" is deeply predictable and cliche, but it was still well-done.
Matthias Schoenaerts plays Alian and it isn't a very good role for him. They seemed to have cast him just because of his sheer size and physique. He is supposed to be a hot tempered yet intensely passionate man and I just didn't get that feeling from him.
Marion Cotillard plays Stephanie and her performance is great. What's regrettable is that the highly artistic film brings her down.
"Rust and Bone" isn't bad, per se; it just doesn't go anywhere. It wanders aimlessly and though it may be a pretty walk to take, it may be one that you wished you hadn't taken.

Score: 2 and half stars out of 4

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