First Blog / What I'm about

Well, this is my first blog, officially (sound the gongs and those weird things that people blow into at parties). My main goal is to review films or movies—the term varies on what level of a movie snob you are:

Let me break it down for you:
10. What are movies?
9. I watched Spider-Man on an airplane once
8. Star Wars are cool
7. Batman was good but I'm not sure who directed it
6. I go to movies occasionally
5. Every other week
4. Love movies!
3. The Godfathers or something else as cliche are the best movies ever
2. I read all the critics's reviews
1. I am Roger Ebert

I'd like to think that I hover between 3 and 2. In all honesty this blog is so I have an excuse to talk because I love to talk. Fair enough?

I have a few movies goals:

1. To watch all the Best Picture winners.
2. To work my way through the top 250 movies (at least according to IMDB)
3. To watch most, if not all of the movies included in the book 1001 Movies to Watch Before You Die
4. To watch every Christopher Nolan movie ever. (I've seen all that he's made so far but I will demand more)

I will use the standard 4 star scale to rank these movies.

That's pretty much all I'm about. Every time I watch a movie I try to write a review as soon as I can to keep it fresh in my brain. It'll be a little slow starting but hopefully it'll pick up soon enough.


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